Thursday, February 19, 2009


VINCCI-Services is good.

REmember that last time I follow my friend go to VINCCI's outlet at DP, my friend wanted to change the heel she bought few weeks ago.

Why she want to change ?
REason is that heel have some problem, and my friend just wear once only.

Unfortunately that time was finished stock or do not have the size my friend look for.
Hence the promoter there take the initiative to help my friend.
She recommend that they try to send back to headquater and repair it then only inform my friend when to come back collect it.

We felt very happy with the services provided.

About M3

A student major in marketing but do not have the nature of marketing student, and is no experience in work at all.
I am a very DEPENDENT person, very JEALOUS person, EMOTIONAL person & etc.
I have animal phobia.
I dont like to touch or approach any animal.
I hate jogging most but one of my friend like it very much.