Wednesday, April 22, 2009


In malacca there are 3 VINCCI's outlets.
For me I like the most is at D.Pahlawan because this outlet more products to view and buy.
J.Jusco is more focus on the footwear but here also has display some accessories like watches, purses, sunglasses, earings and so on.
These sub products are not much choices quite limited for me when i step in.
M.Parade I have not been there quite a long time, so I am not sure what latest products sell at there but the outlet environment quite nice design and also the arrangement of products are neat.

Honestly, I went to J.Jusco VINCCI's outlet more often than the other two. However, I like to shop outlet at D.Pahlawan more. I feel more enjoy at there and I spent more longer time at there.
How about M.Parade?My current place, not encourage me to go the outlet it is hardly to get transport there and hardly find a friend to accompany me go there.

I have not been visited other states VINCCI's shops or outlets. I think other states like K.Lumpur outlets sure will have more attractive and creative products.
I hope to go some states Vincci's outlets to see and purchase. I also hope that those VINCCI's lovers have been VINCCI's outlets beside Malacca can share their experiences with me. Thanks.........

Friday, April 17, 2009


This images are taken from catalogue and i forget to change the file name of each image so the name display is just same as the catalogue.
I want to try to make a widget but i not manage do it so change to a slide show.
I try to upload some attractive pictures and put some effect or decorate something to make the slide show nicer and more well looking.

This post I could not share much just my first time attempt to do the slide show experience. I feel it is quite interesting for using this slide show application. When I want to select the background and effect it is quite lot of choices so quite take time to choose and make out something that satisfy myself.

When my first time to save the images the display result was not good. It is quite blur so i take second trial, then it is better. I am satisfied.

Hope those who view will like it.

the link of VINCCI's catalogue:

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Originally uploaded by shingsally

This image is taken from

I like the design of this bag. The color of the bag is not really colorful but the holder of the bag is attractive enough to me.Where there is two ribbons in pink and connected with some chains. Therefore, i think if the bag is in colorful may be the overall result will be not that excellence. It will make the user feel confuse and anxious.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I think this link products shown is basically target to elder age people just only some are suit to the youngsters.
You can view the link provided as below. After viewed you are welcome to give comment whether you agree with my opinion or you have different opinions.
These selected images is some kind suit my taste, especially the ring and pendent which is strawberry shape.
To view more u can search this link:

Friday, March 20, 2009


This watch is given by my friend. I like it ...and wear is bangle watch so it is easy to wear.
This watch just has two to three simple color which are white, black and silver.
I want to say that, I really do not know that VINCCIhas sell Watches....

After my friend give me this, i Only realise that.
Then I went VINCCI at JJ (melaka) that day, I saw some watches that attract me but I am not affordable at that moment.

Actually, is just cost me approximately RM 25.00 after discount.
Those who like VINCCI's watch may go to grab one for yourself.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


This is VINCCI accessories that my friend buy for me at MP VINCCI outlet melaka.
The first moment I received this, I feel surprise as I seldom go shopping so I do not know VINCCIgot such cute accessories bag. The material is quite quality,is not make from fabric so can endure from wet. After knowing where my friend bought this, I keen to shop to VINCCI outlet to get more information about their products, to view their products.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Heels (cont')


This is my own heel.
I like purple so i choose this heel that only design in simple two color, black and purple.
It can get people attention from a quite distance because the color is outstanding. There is another pair in light blue and mix with pink.

My objective buy this heels, is attend for a wedding dinner. Then after that I wear it during CNY's period and till now. I like it.

This heel is belong to my cousin.
This is in light pink on the ribbon side.
I want highlight the bottom part of this heel.
Can u see the color of the bottom part?
Is it attract you to buy? The bottom part of the heel full with different color: red, yellow, pink, light green, and light grey.
Whenever wear on it, the user and viewers feeling will more cheerful.
P/s: sorry all my frens this posting arrangement not good but i dnt kno hw to edit it, I hv try several time. sorry to say ya .

Thursday, February 26, 2009


This is my cousin's cny heel bought at VINCCI's outlet
. Is nice in design ya :>
My cousin likes green color so she choose this.
Besides this color if not mistaken, there is purple too.

This is my aunt's cny heel .
See....VINCCI's product not only get young generation attention and interest,
but also baby boom and X-Generation's ladies

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This image is searching frm Google.
As your first view on this image, WHATcome from your mind, WHAT across your mind, WHAT your brain thinking, WHAT is your feeling or perception on VINCCI?????.
Will u want to take a real look on VINCCI's PRODUCTS ?
I think sure, right....So, if free try to go VINCCI and take a look,
then u can hv real view but not virtual at the moment u step in the outlet.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


VINCCI-Services is good.

REmember that last time I follow my friend go to VINCCI's outlet at DP, my friend wanted to change the heel she bought few weeks ago.

Why she want to change ?
REason is that heel have some problem, and my friend just wear once only.

Unfortunately that time was finished stock or do not have the size my friend look for.
Hence the promoter there take the initiative to help my friend.
She recommend that they try to send back to headquater and repair it then only inform my friend when to come back collect it.

We felt very happy with the services provided.

About M3

A student major in marketing but do not have the nature of marketing student, and is no experience in work at all.
I am a very DEPENDENT person, very JEALOUS person, EMOTIONAL person & etc.
I have animal phobia.
I dont like to touch or approach any animal.
I hate jogging most but one of my friend like it very much.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The REASONS behind of choosing VINCCI

VINCCI- is a brand name for clothes, watches, shoes, handbags and many more.

I like Vincci products especially the watches and shoes.

In Melaka, we can find VINCCI at DP, MP & JJ.

VINCCI- shoes is very colourful and nice in d3sign.

My cousins and I bought our CNY heels at VINCCI.

VINCCI-I Think of this brand is because I have receive a watch from my friend as my birthday present, and I hv bought my shoes, heels so when lecturer ask to choose a brand, hence this brand-VINCCI occur in my mind.