Friday, April 17, 2009


This images are taken from catalogue and i forget to change the file name of each image so the name display is just same as the catalogue.
I want to try to make a widget but i not manage do it so change to a slide show.
I try to upload some attractive pictures and put some effect or decorate something to make the slide show nicer and more well looking.

This post I could not share much just my first time attempt to do the slide show experience. I feel it is quite interesting for using this slide show application. When I want to select the background and effect it is quite lot of choices so quite take time to choose and make out something that satisfy myself.

When my first time to save the images the display result was not good. It is quite blur so i take second trial, then it is better. I am satisfied.

Hope those who view will like it.

the link of VINCCI's catalogue: