Friday, March 6, 2009

Heels (cont')


This is my own heel.
I like purple so i choose this heel that only design in simple two color, black and purple.
It can get people attention from a quite distance because the color is outstanding. There is another pair in light blue and mix with pink.

My objective buy this heels, is attend for a wedding dinner. Then after that I wear it during CNY's period and till now. I like it.

This heel is belong to my cousin.
This is in light pink on the ribbon side.
I want highlight the bottom part of this heel.
Can u see the color of the bottom part?
Is it attract you to buy? The bottom part of the heel full with different color: red, yellow, pink, light green, and light grey.
Whenever wear on it, the user and viewers feeling will more cheerful.
P/s: sorry all my frens this posting arrangement not good but i dnt kno hw to edit it, I hv try several time. sorry to say ya .