Wednesday, April 22, 2009


In malacca there are 3 VINCCI's outlets.
For me I like the most is at D.Pahlawan because this outlet more products to view and buy.
J.Jusco is more focus on the footwear but here also has display some accessories like watches, purses, sunglasses, earings and so on.
These sub products are not much choices quite limited for me when i step in.
M.Parade I have not been there quite a long time, so I am not sure what latest products sell at there but the outlet environment quite nice design and also the arrangement of products are neat.

Honestly, I went to J.Jusco VINCCI's outlet more often than the other two. However, I like to shop outlet at D.Pahlawan more. I feel more enjoy at there and I spent more longer time at there.
How about M.Parade?My current place, not encourage me to go the outlet it is hardly to get transport there and hardly find a friend to accompany me go there.

I have not been visited other states VINCCI's shops or outlets. I think other states like K.Lumpur outlets sure will have more attractive and creative products.
I hope to go some states Vincci's outlets to see and purchase. I also hope that those VINCCI's lovers have been VINCCI's outlets beside Malacca can share their experiences with me. Thanks.........