Thursday, February 26, 2009


This is my cousin's cny heel bought at VINCCI's outlet
. Is nice in design ya :>
My cousin likes green color so she choose this.
Besides this color if not mistaken, there is purple too.

This is my aunt's cny heel .
See....VINCCI's product not only get young generation attention and interest,
but also baby boom and X-Generation's ladies


  1. yaya,my mum, my frs n i love vincci~~~
    n do u realise that there are many shoe brands tat copy vincci's shoes design???

  2. i like Vincci shoes design!!!
    Vincci shoes will have a cheap price during promotion,hehe~

  3. i like the first picture =)
    you're so right about vincci catering for customers of all ages =D

  4. thx frens for all the comments

    to reply ivytan, sorry i din notice, can u tell me whch brands are copy the vincci design?

    to reply shu ying, ya ya ....we alway buy whn there is a promotion ...ha ha ha

    to reply aishah, tht is my cousin's heel she like green color very much and the design is really good too...he he he ..u may try go vincci take a look ...whether still hv such heel....he he he ..get urself a pair of it loh..