Friday, February 13, 2009

The REASONS behind of choosing VINCCI

VINCCI- is a brand name for clothes, watches, shoes, handbags and many more.

I like Vincci products especially the watches and shoes.

In Melaka, we can find VINCCI at DP, MP & JJ.

VINCCI- shoes is very colourful and nice in d3sign.

My cousins and I bought our CNY heels at VINCCI.

VINCCI-I Think of this brand is because I have receive a watch from my friend as my birthday present, and I hv bought my shoes, heels so when lecturer ask to choose a brand, hence this brand-VINCCI occur in my mind.


  1. i lov vincci too
    i think every gal has at least 1 pair of vincci shoes lor
    there are many brand of shoes copyin design of vincci's shoes
    did u notice?

  2. i like to buy vincci shoe^^nice design.

  3. to answer ivytan , sorry for that i m not really notice about it . So, can u tell me which are the brand that copying Vincci-design ?

  4. dear sharon ten ,
    how often u buy vincci's shoe? I not often, coz i m not wearing heels all the time . I wear only when there is dinner or event .

  5. lol. Vincci. Lots of my friends, especially girls love Vincci which till now I duno why.